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DOT Physicals
Commercial Drivers

Having all of your drivers get their DOT Exams can be challenging at times. Employers and Drivers alike find it time consuming and pricey.


At Medical Mobile of Ohio our goal is to make this not only easy on the employer and driver but also easy on your pockets!

T8 Exams
School Districts

Come election time funding can be scarce for local school districts. Schools are always looking for ways to cut back or reduce costs and what better way than with all of their bus drivers?


Getting drivers to complete T8 exams can be a big cost. Instead of sending them out on company time and money, we come to YOU and save you money in the process!


DOT and Non DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and Alcohol Testing

Another costly expense can be getting all of your employees or drivers drug tested. Especially when testing needs to be done frequently, this too can be a hassle.


Take all of the planning and time out of the equation and let us handle it!


Whether its DOT or non-DOT, we have your testing covered!

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